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 Rules: Gotta Hate 'Em, Gotta Love 'Em

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PostSubject: Rules: Gotta Hate 'Em, Gotta Love 'Em   Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:40 am

Here, of course, are the rules which we will continually add onto as needed. We all hate them but we all love them so of course you MUST READ THEM.

1. No controlling other people's characters without permission
2. No making super powerful characters that no one could ever defeat
3. If you make your character too powerful I will require that you either start completely over or give them a large weakness.
4. No cursing, foul language, or etc.
5. No fighting with each other. If you have a disagreement talk about it calmly
6. If someone is abusing the rules report them (by PM) directly to me or to one of the Moderators
8. Obey what the moderators say, if you believe they are out of line report them directly to me.
9. If you don't know how to roleplay but you wish to know how ask me, one of the moderators, or go to the How to Roleplay section
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Rules: Gotta Hate 'Em, Gotta Love 'Em
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