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 The Gods and Goddesses of Itqa

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PostSubject: The Gods and Goddesses of Itqa   Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:42 pm

-The Hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses-

~The First Three~

Thyme - Goddess of Creation (Imprisoned)
Mal - God of Evil and younger brother of Thyme (Imprisoned)
Akiko - Goddess of the Earth and younger sister of Thyme (Has amnesia)

~The Destiny Sisters~ (Created by Thyme during her Imprisonment)
Death- Either known as Death or Valhanna, Goddess of... Death.
Time- Either known as Time or Koha, Goddess of Time
Picture of Time

Free Will - Known as Gratia, Goddess of Free Will

~The Royal Family of the Gods~
King - Vladar
Queen - Kraljica

~The Male Gods~
Head of the Male Gods ~ Koga - God of Nature, cosmos, and the Void

Aeiran - God of Air
Tempus - God of the Ocean
Ljudi - God of Males
Viljakus - God of Fertility
Krell - God of Greedy War
Mottan - God of Courage
Brann - God of Fire
Kai - God of Chaos
Ealaion - God of Music
Dulkheit - God of Darkness
Vionus - God of Life
Reise - God of Traveling
Meirleach - God of Thieves
Zevran - God of Crime
Maison - God of Home
Lykke - God of Happiness
Foi - God of Faith
Vermogen - God of Fortune
Ehren - God of Honor
Frihet - God of Freedom
Airgead - God of Money
Uasal - God of Nobility
Prevoyan - God of Forethought
Sikkerhet - God of Security

~The Female Goddesses~

~Leader of the Goddesses~ Frauena - Goddess of Women
Sodima - Goddess of Righteous War
Recolta - Goddess of Harvest
Sesonga - Goddess of Seasons
Leanai - Goddess of Children
Odra - Goddess of Mothers
Ammora - Goddess of True Love (Blind)
Luxura - Goddess of Lust
Ainmhithe - Goddess of Animals
Dea - Goddess of Goodness
Pravda - Goddess of Justice (Blind)
Heiluna - Goddess of Healing
Ceol - Goddess of Art
Sola - Goddess of the Sun
Fiacha - Goddess of Hunting
Jeuna - Goddess of Young Women and Virgin Women
Luna - Goddess of the Moon
Tradala - Goddess of Trade
Maggie - Goddess of Magic and the Future (Young Goddess)
Victoira - Goddess of Victory
Rafaela - Goddess of Revenge
Grace - Goddess of Grace
Gabha - Goddess of Blacksmiths
Raidhse - Goddess of Abundance
Milele - Goddess of Eternity
Chance - Goddess of Luck
Huruma - Goddess of Mercy
Ame - Goddess of Souls
Siochana - Goddess of Peace
Helse - Goddess of Health
Nadalia - Goddess of Hope
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The Gods and Goddesses of Itqa
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