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 Guildelines - Must Read

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PostSubject: Guildelines - Must Read   Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:51 pm

Important Terms

Aura - The ‘halo’ around a person that can tell emotions, thoughts, or intentions.

Aîgé- A leader of Le Conseil.

Averi - Greater than

Averivi - Surname meaning 'Those Greater Than (Fae magic)'. Gods and Goddesses. Have a suffix denoting type and a suffix denoting gender.

Bavin - A spell caster.

Dar - prefix meaning ‘leader’

Darkein - Leader Assassin or Leader of Assassin Squad.

Dark Fae - They used to be just any evil Fae until the Royal Family's oldest daughter was born with a strange birth defect. A servant claimed she had tried to eat her soul so everyone like her was banished. They had dark blue bodies and are on of the only races that can see the future.

Dehumangu - Literally 'dark cursed humans.' Vampires.

Devarin - Surname for a Dark Fae

Erta - Le Conseil sufix for non-warrior women

Fae - Immortal magic users that are beautiful and use nature based magic. Have many different sub-species. Not racially biased.

Fairies - Mostly live in Fae lands and always have wings. Make up most of the Fae lands population and have butterfly wings.

Fem - Averivi suffix for female. Comes after type.

Humankein - A breed of Homo sapiens that has evolved, mutated, and changed to become ‘supernatural.’ Loosely translated it means ‘Assassin Breed of Humans’

Harkodmere - The Le Conseil term for ancient warriors of legend who are immortal and the basis of myths of legends from ancient civilizations. Usually these ancient warriors are from famous civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Persians, Celts, Vikings, etc.

Imps - Usually wingless and have an affinity with the Earth element. Women hold the power in their society. The father's sub-species determines the child's. They choose their genders when they hit puberty. They have bumblebee wings if they do have wings.

Kein - Le Conseil term for races specialized in assassination. Most common is humankein.

Keovi - Life

Le Conseil - The formal name of the council that rules over most supernatural creatures. Also refers to the members of their enforcement. Sometimes used to unofficially refer to anyone that works for or lives under the rule of Le Conseil. Originated in France. Uses a combination of French and supernatural languages to designate creature names.

Lupo - Le Conseil term for wolves who shapeshift into humans

Mernarna - Third name added to the name of a woman who is a mother

Mina - Surname for pixies, imps, and fairies. Suffix added classifies which type. Translated as 'Those of Magic.'

Minakeovi - Pixies. Means 'Those of Life Magic'

Minavi - Faeries. Means 'Those of Fae Magic'

Minavivi - Imps. Means 'Those of small magic'

Natin - Le Conseil term for a humanoid demon breed that has no ‘demon form’

Neonin - Averivi suffix for male. Comes after type.

Nine - Le Conseil sufix for women warriors

Pixies - In the Fae lands they have wings but on Earth they do not. Natural tricksters and have an affinity for lightning. Have dragonfly wings.

Sixth Sense - Ability to see or sense items or people who are invisible to normal sense.

Su - Prefix meaning ‘higher’ or someone of more ability. Usually someone who could be a squad leader but has chosen not to be.

Werelupo - A human who becomes a wolf.

Varin - Surname for Fae.

Vi - Fae magic

Vivi - Little magic
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PostSubject: Re: Guildelines - Must Read   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:52 pm

Le Conseil Structure

The Elders (Aîné)

There are ten elders that rule Le Conseil

Lieutenants - Only controlled by the elders. Do anything the elders tell them to do.

The General Assembly
Advisors - Give advice to the elders. There are many that are assigned to each elder.
Lawmakers - Create the laws that Le Conseil is governed by. All laws must be approved by the Elders.

The Security Assembly
Court of Justice - Enforces the laws of Le Conseil. Interprets them. Works like the Supreme Court.
Executioners - Hunt down and kill enemies of Le Conseil that are extremely dangerous.
Trackers - Track down criminals and report them to hunters or executioners.
Hunters - Hunt down and kill criminals inside Le Conseil

The Economic Assembly

Agorians - Their job is to keep contact between the economics of the different species. They help govern sellings. Govern the Agorian Market.

The Agorian Market - Based on and modeled after the old Greek markets where traders can sell their wares, people can advertise their places of business and express themselves, and public gatherings are held for various reasons such as boosting morale, forming a collective opinion, or electing an official to represent their area's interests to Le Conseil.

The Social Assembly
Guardians - Protect important people in the world. Are assigned by the elders.
Watchers - Keep track of supernatural creatures that have committed some crime or need to be watched.
Informers - Like the Supernatural equivalent of police officers. They inform creatures of the laws.
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PostSubject: Re: Guildelines - Must Read   Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:10 pm

Character Biography

Era: (Future, Modern, Medieval, Archaic)
Powers: (specific to your character)
Abilities: (Species given)
Short History:
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PostSubject: Re: Guildelines - Must Read   

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Guildelines - Must Read
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