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 Setting - The World

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PostSubject: Setting - The World   Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:55 pm

There are several different settings to this roleplay. You can pick the one you wish to roleplay in.


The World has changed a lot since the times long past. The humans know of the supernatural world now. Some resent it, some adore it. Technology has advanced as well bringing about teleportation, advanced medicine, and even more advanced weapons.

Special police forces have been made to rule over the supernatural creatures. The truth is that being a supernatural creature is now something to hate about yourself. This is the world of this time.

Main Cities: Paris, New York, Washington, Boston, Seattle, Cairo, Rome.
What's going on: Nothing
Characters: None


The world is almost identical to the world you live in. Except everything in the world that seemed unexplainable was caused by supernatural creatures. Many of the plagues, wars, and unnatural phenomenon in the world are results of these creatures. The world behind our own is ruled by a council called Le Conseil.

Many of these creatures don't want to hide from the humans anymore. They believe they deserve to rule over the humans as their lords and masters.

Main Cities: Paris, New York, Washington, Boston, Seattle, Ottawa, Cairo, Athens, Berlin, New Delhi, Rome, Jerusalem, Moscow.
What's going on: Nothing
Characters: None


The mass of humanity is growing. Supernatural creatures are becoming the things of myths and legends. Prosocution is beginning however. Witches hide from the fires of Salem. Werewolves chain themselves to avoid the hunters. The world is changing rapidly, no longer the realm of the supernatural.

Main Cities: Paris, Cairo, Athens, Berlin, Rome, Jerusalem, Moscow.
What's going on: Nothing
Characters: None


In the ancient days of the Mayans, Egyptians, and Chinese the world was very different. The Supernatural creatures rule the Earth as gods and goddesses but there are many internal wars and the world is slowly changing.

Main Cities: Memphis, Thebes, Babylon, Cuzco, Tenochtitlan, Xi'an.
What's going on: Nothing
Characters: None
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Setting - The World
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