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 Gold Dragon Inn

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PostSubject: Gold Dragon Inn   Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:46 pm

Golden Dragon Inn

You walk up to an inn with a sign showing a shinning gold dragon. You walk in and see a room full of tables with seats and a bar on the other side of the room. Many people are sitting in the chairs and some are very different looking. Some have wings,several arms and other irregularities. You think about leaving but you soon find that it is hard to leave after you make good, very good, friends.

Theresa Melania

Queen of Flame 

One of the five living Denizens of Flame

And the last Female Denizen 

Name: Theresa Melania

Nickname-Queen of Flame 


Gender: Female 

Race:Elf/wingrider/Denizen of Flames 

Appearance: Long golden-fire like hair, red eyes. When she is mad her eyes start to look like flames, also has wings that are made out of flames. Her skin is like a humans except it is alway intensely hot and it is tainted a little bit by orange red and yellow making her skin look a little like a flame. She has pointy ears like any other elf also. 

Personality: Like a burning flame, under the coolness of water(a lover) she softens, but when being attacked the flame turns into a massive deadly firestorm. She is quick, cunning, and smart. She will be nice if you are nice to her and she will easily bend to the water(a lover). She is a deadly weapon and many people have used her such. She is evil neutral because she believes that the deaths of others will make her forget the very vivid picture of her parents dieing in a fire. That image has always haunted her and has made her evil but deep inside she knows it won't help and that she is dooming others to the same fate as herself. 

Weapon:Twin scimitars that appear to be on fire. They flash through the air as if the air its self was on fire and they strike with deadly accuracy killing what ever they hit by either stabbing it in a deadly place or by setting the thing ablaze.

Armor/Shield: A shield and armor that is red and has flame patterns on it. It is actually on fire but no one knows this. 

Clothing-When Theresa isn't wearing her armor(which she usually doesn't) she is wearing some unique clothing. Shiny reddish yellowish orange-like leather pants and shiny red-yellow-orange leather shirt covering only the top half of the top half of her body. Also wears the same shiny leather but are actually not leather but actual flames so she leaves a trail of fire wherever she steps.

Alignment:EvilEvil neutral at the beginning. Then she turns good and becomes a light guardian

History: Her family died in a fire and Theresa ever since then has used fire to do her will. She loves the flames and she is like a flame herself. She has roamed through the world by herself setting her enemies on fire and leaving a burning wake in her path. 

Do you want to be a main character eventually:yes 

Race powers- She can practically control fire, she can fly a bit and she is quick in every environment. 

Wingrider- Any race that has wings. 

Denizens of Flames- They can control flames and they are deadly in fire like environments. They are the essence of flame it's self. They are very rare only about 5 of them still exist in the world.

Short history of the Denizens of Flame-At the beginning when all races were created and the world was a good place the denizens of flame were just the friendly people down the street who could control fire. They didn't harm anyone and no one harmed them. But the Denizens finally left regular civilization because of an accident. One of their eviler members.Ion Ecoger(I-on E-co-gr) who's parents had been murdered, because they were denizens, became sick of trying to blend in with the people who had killed his parents. He eventually set half of a now ancient city ablaze. He created such a scene that they banished him no longer acknowledging him being a denizen or that he even existed. Because of the accident Denizens were no longer welcome in the world of humans and were banished to volcanos and the such. Now only 5 exist and most of them are evil. 

What you would like in a gf/bf: Like her. Strong, kind, loving, funny, thinks that girls can do the same thing as men not like the common belief that girls are weaklings.
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Gold Dragon Inn
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