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 Roll the Dice

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PostSubject: Roll the Dice   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:52 pm

A single chance encounter can change everything...

A single random event can unravel everything, remake your entire world, tear down all you thought you knew and replace it with something new.

Luck, chance, fotune, destiny, fate. These things supposedly govern all such occurences in the world. However, the truth is ever so much more.

Your subconscious mind; 80-90% of your brain locked away from your use. Unlocked, it can do so much. And it's been doing everything it can to be released. Changing minute bits of your life, usually, but, sometimes, it can make the whole house of cards crumble.

It is your dormant mind causing these things to happen, these unexplainable bits of fortune that bring sheer change to your life. It might be as ordinary as a new job or meeting someone you knew years ago but these can have far reach consequences that you might not see.

We explain this through things like the butterfly effect, the grandfather paradox, and other similar theories. But those are just like the notion of magic; an explaination to understand that which we can't comprehend.

However, something strange has been occuring lately which causes even more unexplainable coincidences and events that have very specific outcomes. WHy? No one knows. How? No one knows. Who? I think you understand.

No one really notices but the power of the subconscious has begun awakening more and more steadily, more and more people accessing more of their minds and the latent abilities that lie with in.

Are you one of these? Have you awoken? We shall see...

Summary: In this version of Earth, Psychics and other forms of mentally powerful people are becoming more and more abundant because of their brains' full capacities being awoken through some event or another. However, there is danger due to the strain having full access to all of your brain and its potential can present. And someone seems to be hunting down the Awakened to steal their powers from them and amplifying his own abilities. Are you Awakened or not? What'cha gonna do should this person come for you?

1.) As with all roleplays, no powerplay, uberness, autokilling, and that sort of thing.
2.) Even the most powerful Awakened has limits to what they can do. Trying to surpass these limits can result in growth of the awakening or death but death is vastly more common.
3.) Communicate with the other roleplayers; settle problems maturely and calmly [no profanity, spamming, flamming, or trolling, just reasonable talking it out], let others know if you have to leave or if you have an idea you want to use, and get along on the thread, even if you can't stand the person you're roleplaying with.
4.) Pure violence may seem like fun but it isn't tolerated or what this is about. Don't be all 'fight, fight, fight!!!!' all the time since there's much more than just blowing each other to pieces.
5.) This is modern day Earth so no futuristic weapons, races, or tech. Otherwise, it's pretty open in the possiblities of weaponry, transport, and all that.
6.) This is somewhat free-roam but there is a plot that consists of the usual 'find and take down the baddie'. So yeah, obey the rules of the thread and laws of the society you're in and you'll be just fine.
7.) You don't HAVE to be one of the Awakened. There's always a normal human who's skilled in some other area or walk of life like medicine or technology.
8.) FULL BIOS FROM EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE A PART OF THIS!!!! Sorry, had to emphasize how important that is.
9.) Each Awakened has a particular weakness that limits or prevents use of their abilities. BE SURE TO FILL THAT IN!
10.) Be aware of others' activities, even if they don't directly coincide with yours at the moment. They might sooner or later.
11.) Proper spelling, grammer, punctuation, and capitolization REQUIRED! It helps your posts look better if you spell, punctuate, and capitolize the right words right, not to mention use correct grammer and good sentence structure.

Bio Format:

Race: (Normal or Awakened)


If Awakened, Specialties/Talents?: (What sort of Psychic or enhanced mind skills ya got)

Weakness If Awakened:

Short History:

Theme Song:

Starting Location: (What city/town you want to start in)


Post if yah want.
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Roll the Dice
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