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 The Creatures of Itqa

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PostSubject: The Creatures of Itqa   Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:44 pm

Earth women: These women are born human like the ice men and change at the age of thirteen. They age differently than humans. When they reach a certain age they don’t grow until they reach another age. When they turn thirteen they won’t age until they are twenty one and at that time they will grow all the years that they didn’t grow for. They can use energy to defend themselves. And they usually work as shamans.

Darkling: These are rare and strange creatures. They have dark markings on their bodies that usually give them away to those who know of them. It is strange to find a darkling for the older ones know how to hide themselves. They usually don’t get the markings until after they are born. Some are born with them. They have a strange relationship with electricity and when using their power their hair stands on end. Not to mention their eyes will glow and so will their markings. They can use dark energies and people tend to stay away from them. It is thought that their darkness can spread.

Ice men: These men are born as normal humans but when they reach the age of thirteen they are able to control ice. And their personalities often shift. Most ice men have a sort of madness. They want to freeze certain things and keep them forever. At the moment they think that they are not thinking that the person will die if they do this. They are not dangerous by nature just by action.
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The Creatures of Itqa
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